Are You Looking For Mexico Real Estate?

Canadians who plan to invest in property anytime in the near future now have reason in the world to consider buying Mexican Real Estate.

In addition to excellent infrastructure at a variety of excellent seaside locations, Mexican homes or condominiums offer luxury properties at prices that are far more affordable than buyers can find in Canada, with many locations showing extraordinary potential to increase value.

For investors, the homes for sale in Mexico beach is an ideal property, combining the appeal of warm weather with comfort and well-developed infrastructure. Recent economic factors in Canada also make these factors more attractive.

One of the latest factors that property investors must consider is the new mortgage restrictions recently made by the federal government.

To cool the housing market, in mid-February, the Canadian federal government tightened mortgage restrictions in several ways.

The two steps are mainly targeted at investors, requiring real estate buyers to show the ability to handle fixed mortgage rates five years – higher than the previous 3 years, and require buyers who will not stay on their property to pay a 20% down payment, up from 5% before.

Both of these steps make it harder for buyers to invest in property for income purposes. Mexican Real Estate presents one of the best options for investors looking for options that show extraordinary potential for high returns.