Has Cloud Computing Changed Network Monitoring?

In the highly competitive business world today, a large number of companies opt for cloud-based services to improve their business productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

In addition, cloud computing technology has also changed the way companies manage and monitor their network, create a network monitoring important step when moving to the cloud. You can easily get a cloud computing provider in Australia.

Network monitoring plays a key role in ensuring the availability and performance of network and server companies. Strategic implemented cloud computing services enable enterprises to completely change the traditional approach to application and network management.

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For example, gone are the days when a number of fixed assets must be running at all times to their full capacity. Today, on-demand cloud computing allows optimal utilization of resources based on demand.

In the case of traditional network monitoring, the main focus is to ensure the availability and performance of servers and network infrastructure where the Network Management System (NMS) using traditional protocols such as ICMP, WMI, and SNMP to monitor network performance.

The introduction of cloud technology offers significant additional benefits in network monitoring. This not only allows the company to monitor the performance of the WAN but also enables them to understand who is using their network traffic, how they use and purpose. This helps companies to efficiently assess the performance of business-critical applications and services them.

A monitoring network in a cloud environment mainly focuses on the management of service availability and performance rather than simply to manage infrastructure. Cloud computing services ensure effective monitoring network and involve all the variables that affect the quality of service and other requirements such as scalability, adaptability, elasticity, and autonomy.