Nursery Schools – Some Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing between nursery schools is no easy task for parents. Spending time in such an environment will probably be for most children the first time they're away from Mum and Dad for such an extended period of time.

The type of school you choose and the people involved in running it are going to make this separation more or less difficult for your child so it pays to take the time needed to think seriously about your options. For more information about preschools, visit

Here are some common questions that most parents have when it's time to make such a decision.

For one thing, many parents wonder if it's even necessary to choose a nursery school for their children. This is actually a personal decision that each parent needs to make for their own family.

While many nurseries can give children an advantage when it's time for school in that they can learn letters, numbers, shapes, and other such basic information, it's rare that a child who skips this stage of schooling is going to suffer tremendously.

Another common question has to do with safety. Drop by the schools you're considering and note how the staff reacts. Are they apprehensive or irritated at your presence?

How do the children seem, happy and content or are they distressed and nervous? Of course, it's natural to see one or two children that may be having a temper tantrum or crying for no real reason but what is the overall feeling that you get about the children?

It's a good idea to write out all your expectations and questions first before you begin shopping for nursery schools and then you can get all the information you need when you begin calling or visiting.