Scaffolding Training Courses at Approved Training Centers

It is important to take the right precautions when working in high places where there is always an element of danger and risk. Scaffolding training courses that are well-suited by well-known CISRS are available throughout the world through approved and affiliated training centers.

Scaffolding Course

There are several scaffolding courses that are suitable for individuals who want to work in the construction and building industries. You can find cairns leading training facility from Pro lift training FNQ.

The CISRS or construction industry scaffolding note scheme has many scaffolding programs to train workers and managers in related industries.

There are basic scaffolding courses in two parts; Part 1 and Part 2. It offers basic information about scaffolding and its tools and techniques. This is an entry program for construction workers on the job site.

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There is also a CISRS skill test that can be taken to examine the knowledge and skills in handling scaffold assignments and inspections. The basic scaffolding by CISRS is higher level scaffolding training that can be followed by managers and supervisors aiming to become scaffold inspectors.


The famous CISRS course on scaffolding has been offered for more than 3 decades with continuous improvement in accordance with the demands and changes of the industry. Candidates need to increase their scaffolding knowledge and skills with a refresher course every 5 years after obtaining their first CISRS scaffolding certificate.

The highest standards are always maintained in all CISRS scaffolding training programs to ensure safety and health for all parties involved.


Courses on scaffolding are offered by accredited training centers approved by CISRS. The place must be properly arranged with the necessary equipment, space, and resources. There must be qualified facilitators and trainers to conduct CISRS courses on scaffolding. These facilitators must have relevant experience in the scaffolding and build in various industries to offer useful input and learning.

Facilities must be conducive to this CISRS scaffolding course. This should be able to accommodate the optimal number of candidates for each course with sufficient resources and equipment for each candidate in a practical session.