Searching For The Aluminum Tread Plate 6061T6

They are the kind of plates that you would see just about anywhere too. They should not be that hard to look for, right? Since they are just about anywhere. We want o use them for something and it looks like we can only order them online if we cannot find them in hardware here in the real world. We have to keep searching for aluminum tread plate 6061T6.

They look kind of sturdy too. Do you think they can be made into weapons if we try hard enough? In a zombie apocalypse, you cannot actually choose what kind of weapon you want in order to survive. You get what you find and turn it into a weapon.

And in this case, since this is aluminum, that technically means that it can be melted or bent enough to make it sharp and into a weapon, right? Because they have to be able to cut through rotten skin. They just have to. If not then it looks like we will have to resort to just bashing them in the head with a sturdy enough rock.

In only, it was that easy to carry around a rock all the time and it does not even have any handle. We need a matter. A hammer like the one Thro used to have before it broke in the hands on his sister. That lore in Avengers, by the way, is nonsense. Because it does not follow the actual Norse mythology.

Anyone who has intelligence knows that Hel is supposed to be the daughter of Loki, not his sister. But hey, we are not salty about that. Definitely it. But anyway, if we have to look for a weapon that can be good enough, it has to be a gun that has some kind of magic unlimited ammo or else a katana sword that is probably cursed and can produce a figure.

If not then we should just be lucky to find this aluminum plate so we can mold it enough to become our own weapon. In a safer world though, one without any zombies or desperate deranged people in need of eating normal food that is not rotten, we see this in either malls or cars or anywhere really.

Metal, iron, and aluminum are kind of used for construction and to make the things a little sturdier than you would expect. Which makes sense because we need them to stay that way and NOT fall down on our heads all the time.

But in any case, if you do see one lying around, maybe you should take it and sell it to a dump or something. It is probably worth something, considering that it actually is aluminum. That is stronger than iron or so we hear. We got that information from Avatar Legend of Korra.

Because it cannot be metal bent by the Earth benders, they use it to attack the benders. Which was smart by the way. If only they had thought of that before the time of Korra. But then again hat would they even use it against on?