Watching Out For Electric Strikes

Yeah, you are going to straight up die instead of getting some kind of electrical powers like we mostly see in movies, television series, anime, and books. Do not, by any circumstances, stand outside and on a high point when there are a storm and thunder. Make sure you are actually covered up by a big roof that will not conduct electricity, alright? Do not go anywhere near electric strikes in Providence.

You might think that getting hit by lightning is something like a very rare occurrence but believe it or not, it actually happens often. A lot of people could get hit by them either b because of stupidity or because they really were just unlucky enough.

They might die or already have died or they may have some kind of damage whether it is permanent or not, it will really leave a lasting impression. Jesus, if that was us, we would have some kind of phobia for anything electronic, just saying.

Since we are known to be the types of creatures that will abuse whatever it is that we have, is it really a huge surprise that we abuse electricity too? So it would also not surprise us if there are a lot of accidents regarding that, really.

But then again with this world, when there are so many clumsy humans and being dumb all the time, it also really does not surprise us that we all are going to die because of the accidents that befall upon us. But we daresay that it is better to die in an accident than to get murdered or something equally worse.

But what could be worse than getting murdered? Our best friend says that getting married is worse than getting murdered but hey, as funny as that is, to each their own, right? In any case, whenever there is a big storm and you sense and hear that there is going to be some kind of a thunderstorm coming up, you really should take cover.

This should not be that much difficult for those people who have a crippling fear for thunderstorms. They hate the sounds and the feeling of the lightning striking somewhere. But on the other hand, if y is the type to think about superpowers, then maybe you can be like Railgun in the Index franchise?

Where you could control electricity and even conducted it however you want. There is so much you could do if you have that ability if that was even possible in this world. Now that we think about it, maybe it really is better that we do not have that kind of ability in our world.

Because there are just so many more evil people in our reality that if there ever was a possibility of having some kind of powers, then it would just cause chaos. If only the stuff happening in My Hero Academia would actually be the first thing to happen if we do get these amazing stuff could powers. Maybe it would be a little better if there were heroes that would save us from not only electrical strikes but also villains that like to take advantage of people.