What Exactly Is A Filter Press

This is a machine that basically separates the liquid from the solid. That is something that cannot be done by hand so of course, we leave this job to machine specifically made for it, of course. These things do the job well and they certainly take less time than a human would if we actually make an attempt to do it ourselves. Which, by way, even if it was slightly possible would still take a crap ton of effort and time. So, hence they invented the filter press.

We have a lot of objects and inventions that have been made due to the innovation of humans. Because there are just a lot of things us humans cannot cope with, we either adapt into it forcefully through sheer force of will or we make things that force nature to see it our way. We are basically making nature our B word.

It is not just this filtering machine we are talking about. Have you thought about our ventilation systems? Because we, as warm bloodied humans, just cannot survive in places that are extremely hot or cold no matter how much we try, we made the fan, the heater, and the AC. Just so we can survive in a working environment that is physically trying to kill us.

Basically, it is us manipulating the area around us and giving the biggest middle finger to nature and the climate. We are saying that we are not taking their crap anymore and that we WILL survive even if nature likes to challenge us in ways that make us say no, we give up. Could you imagine working in an office, inside a building without any ventilation?

Yeah, without it, it would be the equivalent of being inside an oven if we stay there. And we are supposed to e inside those buildings for eight hours more or less. That is just asking for a death sentence, really. Luckily, someone was nice and smart enough to invent ventilation. Which is a relief because our life revolves around staying indoors these days.

See what we mean? Things have been easier because of the efforts of people before us. Those that invented this filtering machine thought that we should not have to bother with separating liquid from the solid by hand, so he created something that will do it for us while we sit back and just press buttons.

Just like in other aspects in life, all we do really is just press buttons or clicking on stuff and the results of whatever it is that we have been doing just happens. Everything is easier these days. We can keep saying it as many times as we like because it is true because of how amazing humans have been thee years.

Only in term of innovation through the other spectrum of us being humans is just us being complete pieces of garbage. Have you seen how we are on the internet? It is like as our lives get better and better, we, as creatures of this God forsaken planet, have gone worse. Well, we guess there has to be some sort of balance in the world.

At least the inventions have been doing us good. Otherwise, we would probably not be here. Good things happen in the world too.