How to Extend Your Cell Phone Battery’s Life

Almost all of us have cellphones. We use it every day, all day and wonder how we can live without them. They are an invaluable part of modern life. They are high maintenance! It looks like whatever we do, we always have to charge our cellphones.

If you use cellphones often, it seems you have to fill them at least three to five times a week. Of course, other things besides capacity and performance are as important as the design of a cellphone battery. You want a small, lightweight battery. If you are also in search of durable and reliable batteries then you can buy lithium-ion battery cells.

Long ago, cellular phones were powered by a large and heavy Nickel Cadmium battery. They are also susceptible to something called the "memory effect," a condition that reduces the cellphone battery's performance.

Then, a higher performance Nickel-Metal Hydride battery was introduced, which then led to Lithium-ion batteries, the most widely used cellphone batteries today. Lithium batteries are lighter by 35%, offer superior performance compared to older generation batteries, and do not suffer from memory effects.

The first thing to know is that simple battery maintenance can improve the performance and lifetime of your cellphone battery.  If you charge your phone every night, your battery will last 12-15 months. If you only charge twice a week, your battery will last 2-3 years. So, if you can save less, then it's a surefire way to get a longer life.

In addition, many people lose something else in terms of extending the life and effectiveness of their cellphone: charging instructions from the factory. In most cases, you must fully charge the battery overnight for the first three charging cycles.