Bed Bug Sprays, Are They Worth Using

There are some powerful insecticides and pesticides out there that have been proven to kill bed bugs, however, the same chemicals have become dangerous to humans and have been banned since. I mean the pesticide DDT and those with similar chemical composition. Since the ban on the types of pesticides, bed bugs have made a comeback and they are starving!

Environment and researchers have been trying their best to come up with different solutions that are not toxic to humans and safe for use around the entire family. Luckily some companies like have introduced natural targeted and effective bed bug solutions that can handle the toughest bed bug infestation. 

Even now, 1 out of every 4 homes have signs of a bed bug infestation. So that leaves us with the question, what kind of spray that is effective? Most sprays designed to kill bugs on contact. Others are made to remain effective long after application.

For example, when the bugs come into contact with the residue of pyrethroids, which is a type of insecticide, killing them almost instantly. Pyrethroids are made from extracts of chrysanthemum flowers. Most sprays come with a different strain of pyrethroids.

Although the chemicals are known to quickly knock down the bugs that come in contact with it, it can be irritating to humans who have long exposure to it. The best way is to use a bed bug spray in a well-ventilated area and in places where no human contact often. The mattress is not going to be a good place to use this spray.

Natural Solutions For Environmental Friendly Pest Control

Are you looking for a natural and effective solution to kill insects in your garden? Environmentally conscious gardeners know how chemical pesticides are harmful to the environment and have been linked to health-related diseases. The use of chemical pesticides for years has also caused pests to develop intolerance to these chemicals.

Natural pest control is the answer to safe and environmentally friendly pest control.  There are natural solutions for killing insects in your garden that are safe for you and the environment. There are environmentally friendly pest control products that are free from carcinogens or any type of synthetic toxins.

You can explore various sites like to buy natural pest control products as they are widely available online. Encouraging natural pest control is an effective strategy for controlling insect attacks in your organic garden.

Controlling pest insects using their natural products is a very successful pest control method. Use of such remedies in your organic garden is considered a garden that is very environmentally friendly. There are many types of pest control products that can be added to your organic garden. These products are natural enemies of certain pest species.

If you are looking for effective alternatives to using chemical pesticides in your organic garden, try out natural products. These products do not harm you, your plants or pets and they are safe for the environment. Organic gardeners can depend on these safe alternatives and are proud that they do their part to save the environment.