How Physiotherapy Treatment Helps in Curing COPD

If you were recently diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD, your doctor may recommend physiotherapy treatment-and for good reason.

Whether you're suffering from chronic bronchitis, small airways disease, emphysema, you can benefit from a pulmonary rehabilitation program-a big part of which is physiotherapy.

Good physiotherapy treatment as part of an intensive and multidisciplinary rehabilitation program is an effective intervention for people who are chronically restricted or incapacitated by obstructive pulmonary disease.

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Physiotherapy may be able to significantly improve the health of a patient by reducing breathlessness. If you have a tendency to hyperventilate or have difficulty clearing phlegm from your chest, for example, a physiotherapist can teach you breathing techniques, provide you advice, pacing your activities, and recommend other ways of coping.

To get the best results, work with someone who specializes in respiratory physio. You want a therapist that is highly skilled in treating patients with breathing conditions.

Your first session will likely include a detailed assessment. The therapist will give you advice and in some cases, a physical treatment right away. Be sure to dress comfortably.

There is currently no treatment for COPD, and this condition is not reversible. The goal of physiotherapy is to help you manage your disease and increase your quality of life despite it. If you are a smoker, you will likely be advised to quit. The therapist can recommend support groups to help you along.

The physiotherapist may also teach you coping skills, such as how to do chores more efficiently to prevent breathlessness, how to deal with air pollution, how to relieve symptoms, etc.