Retaining Wall Foundation Repair Methods

Each case needs to be examined separately by an independent structural engineer or professional foundation repair contractor.

The leveling or foundation of the concrete foundation is done using a dock. Pier is used to provide support for the foundation area that needs to be raised. The four main types of docks used in the foundation are drilled concrete piers, compressed concrete poles, steel docks, and helical docks.  For getting more information about wall foundation methods you can check out retaining wall builder in Atlanta.

The following is a brief overview of the most common foundation repair techniques:

Push resistance or thrust often has the best potential for lifting foundation repairs. This is because these types of docks are "pushed" or "knocked down" to the ground, through insufficient land until they hit hard surfaces or layers containing loads.  

Once they reach the bottom, they can be pushed further so that they really lift the structure back to the original level. The advantage of this type of dock is that land reports are not really needed to find out how deep the pier should be driven. That becomes clear. After the "base" is reached, the structure can be removed. This type of pier is usually used for heavier structures but is also perfect for single-story residences.

The helical dock is very useful in other applications such as tie-backs. Because they were screwed to the ground and held in place with their flights, not only could they support the downward pressure, but then they could support the same amount of outside power. They can hold objects such as retaining walls to the ground.