Things You Need To Know About Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money comes into existence from multiple sources. Some of the most common sources are forgotten checking accounts, unused savings accounts, skipped utility deposits, unknown inheritances, neglected insurance payments, abandoned Stocks, forgotten bonds, uncashed dividends, uncashed child support or alimony checks, overlooked tax refunds or forgotten paychecks.

The most general reason behind the formation of unclaimed money is that people forget to claim money owed to them when they change their residence. Most of the people do not close the accounts and the money becomes unclaimed money. Law requires companies to hand over accounts that are lying asleep for three years or more as unclaimed money.You can also browse to get the best advice from unclaimed money recovery agent.

Unclaimed money can come into existence by many financial transactions and commercial instruments. The money that is placing idle in your old checking or savings accounts or the forgotten funds, bonds, shares, insurance policies, safe deposit boxes etc are the main sources of unclaimed money. After a period of inactivity with no contact from the customers, the companies hand over the money to the state.

Once, the state or the federal agency occupy your money, they really wait for you to come and claim it. Ideally speaking, the agencies are supposed to advertise the appearance of unclaimed money owed to you. However, this rarely, if ever, happens and the person remains unaware of the problem. If you want to get more information about unclaimed money then you can also visit

Mostly deposits come from bank accounts that are inactive or forgotten about or from utility companies that owe back money or deposits. It can also come from tangible things that were left in safety deposit boxes. Legally all that money is owed to you even if you’re not there to claim it so it’s transmitted to the department of unclaimed money until someone can either track you down or until you find out it’s waiting for you.