Three Security Must-Haves for Marijuana Dispensaries

If you're launching a business or scale marijuana, it is important to dismantle some basic security challenges and needs an umbrella. By keeping your business from day one, you will be better positioned to protect your inventory, your customers and your business, while maintaining a well-designed, welcoming environment for workers and shoppers.

1. Security Officers

Many pharmacies want to avoid a visible security presence – which makes sense. Because of the history of marijuana and, still, stigma in many communities, saw a security guard can make the customer feel nervous or even come to avoid entirely. To know about the best dispensary transport services in Michigan, you can browse at

2. Safe Transport

Get marijuana from growers to pharmacies and stores present another layer of security issues. Because these products are highly in-demand and highly valuable, it was the target of interest to retail crime, from the minute it was harvested.

If you handle your own transport, make sure your fleet is equipped with the basics – bullet resistant finish, GPS tracking and video streaming feeds of security "home base," you are for beginners. For many businesses, though, managing high-risk transport rate is too much to take, especially in the beginning.

3. Internal and In-Store Theft Prevention

The majority of the losses come from employee theft pharmacies. Currently there are several steps businesses must take early – thorough employee screening, background checks and a solid inventory management and POS systems – very important to maintain the security measures in stores to prevent "heavy-handedness" and filled in the theft.

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